Multitudes on Mondays; The Gift of Music

3:00 AM

I get stuck on songs, I will admit it.  My poor siblings who have wonderful tastes in music will have a few hundred songs on shuffle and won’t listen to the same some for days.  I on the other hand will find a song that moves me and listen to it over and over again.  I think the only reason they put up with it is the fact that I can put on headphones.

I think my dear sister Rose and brother, Michael are regretting sharing their album, Walking on Air by Chloe Agnew, with me.  Her voice to me is one of the beautiful I have ever heard.  It is so pure and sounds so natural even when hitting high notes.  This is the latest song of hers that I have been listening to:

#11: The still and quiet voice of God
#12: The power of a song
#13: Voices
#14: Chloe Agnew
#15: I Will Lift my Eyes, another song that have been a huge blessing in my life
#16: My MP3 player, allowing me to take music wherever I go
#17: Songwriters
#18: The ability to play the piano
#19: My sister who has a voice as wonderful to me as any singer I have ever heard
#20: The chance to sing with friends in the National Cathedral, our voices blending harmony is a sound I can still hear and treasure

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  1. Oh, tell me about it! My iPod has 230+ songs on it. (almost all are christian except for some soundtracks) and I listen to songs over and over again! My poor family **used** to have to put up with my listening to the SAME song over and over again!

    I love I Will Lift My Eyes by Bebo Norman. It's a amazing song! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! What a beautiful voice... now I'm going to be checking out Chloe Agnew. ;)