9/11 2011; Ten years later

3:00 AM

I have been thinking a lot about September 11, 2001 lately.  Some it has to do with the fact that it has been all over the news, but a lot of it has to do with the fact that I can hardly believe it has been ten years.

I can still remember sitting on the couch watching the story starting as a horrible accident, and then in horror watching as a second plane came on the screen.  Before any of us had time to react, it went into the building.  The day the world changed for so many of us, is now ten years behind us.

Many of my readers were young at the time, like me.  We soon knew words that none of us had ever heard before; Terrorist, collapse, World Trade Center, Afghanistan, Jihad, and many others.  We went from living in a world that the day before felt so safe, to wondering if a building near us was the next target.  Planes were no longer something you ran out to see, they were weapons to run from in fear.

Yet, even in those dark days of fear, there were glimmers of hope and goodness.  Flags were everywhere, neighbors pulled together, and churches filled with people looking for answers.  There was a massive flag on the pentagon, the president on a mound of rubble giving us hope, a steel cross in the mist of debris, and candle vigils everywhere. For a few weeks, we were a people united.

It was hard to imagine in those few weeks that we would ever get back to normal life, yet we have.  We are flying, we are living our lives, we are rebuilding, and we are overcoming.  Those terrorists failed in the one thing they wanted the most.  They wanted to cripple this nation in fear, but they haven’t.  A memorial will be opened today to remember those who died. The new One World Trade Center is moving ever higher in the sky, higher than the old buildings.  And we have tracked down the leader that instigated the attacks and punished him, just like we said we would.

May we NEVER forget those people who lost their lives, or the day that changed our nation.

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  1. I remember that day all to well, only for us the footage started running on TV on the morning of the twelth.... I remember we asked Mum where the people went when they died and then getting all worried about my younger sister (who wasn't a Christian) and what would happen if she were to die ? Well, she ended up becoming a Christian the next day! (I was only six then and she would have been about two)
    God bless, Hannah