Multitudes on Mondays; Siblings

3:00 AM

They have the ability to frustrate you the most as well the ability to touch your heart. My siblings and I get along well.  Yes, we get on each other’s nerves sometimes, but for the most part, we are the best of friends.
We are there for each other in the hard times, and rejoice with each other in the good times.  We are good at making each other laugh and smile.  A day just isn’t right without giving a hug to each of my sisters and brother (who by the way still lets me hug him even though he is almost 18).

Thank you God for my siblings.

#31: My siblings laughter
#32: Sweet smiles
#33: Inside sibling jokes
#34: Childhood memories
#35: Shoulders to cry on
#36: Never having to be alone
#37: Siblings to rejoice with
#39: Siblings who love me for who I am
#39: Late night sister talks
#40: Shared faith

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  1. Love You too friend. Thanks for loving us even with all of our quarks and oddities.

  2. oh, i so love your post. i also have siblings, i can relate to your story and i also thank God for their lives.
    You are much blessed for having your sibs.

    God bless you.

    -Lhen :)