Writing Saturday; 10 Things to Remember when Writing… Modern Fiction

6:34 PM

1.       Try to pull things in that people will recognize such as movies, books and electronics.

2.      When writing a book in modern times that has fake historical events like Mary-Joe becoming president – avoid dates.  Saying that it is the 2012 election may lose you readers after that date has passed.

3.      Remember, there are still places where cell phones do not get service.

4.      Still do your research.  I hate to tell you that your favorite TV show on the F. B. I. or a C. S. I. unit may not be true to life.  Get on your computer, check out those books and do the research.

5.      Don’t, like, over play the, you know, slang and street talk, dude.

6.      Make sure you get permission before using a name that is a registered trademark or anything that might be copy righted.  Even if you are talking about greatest-Christian-camp-I’ve-ever-been-too, make sure it is okay with them for you to use their name.

7.      If you mention real people, make sure you quote them right.  You don’t want to make a mistake that will haunt you for a long time.

8.      If it’s possible visit the place you are writing about.  If it isn’t, look up pictures and use those for reference material.

9.      What is your biggest struggle in these modern times?  I’m sure there are others out struggling with the same thing, so write it into the book.

10.   You have a unique opportunity when writing modern fiction; You’re living in modern times.  Get out and observe people. 

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