Writing Saturday; 10 Things to Remember when Writing…. Non-Fiction

7:35 AM

1.      Know your subject.

2.      Do a lot of research.

3.      Do a search of similar books and figure out how to make your book unique.

4.      Write from the heart.  Don’t write what you think people want to hear or what someone else thinks.

5.      Make sure you get permission for any quotes you use and include a bibliography.

6.      If you want to tell a story, but don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings change the names and/or location.  If that still doesn’t seem to be enough, you probably shouldn’t tell the story.

7.      Get input from your friends.  Whatever your are writing on, ask you friends about it, set up a survey, do interviews.

8.      Go into the book with the attitude that even if only one person reads the book, but is changed by it, it was worth all the work.

9.      Pray over your book, and listen to God.  He has a lot of great ideas if only we would listen.

10.   Make sure you have an enthusiasm for your subject.  Non-fiction can take a long time, even years.  If you don’t have a passion for it, you might never see your book to completion.

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  1. Good list to keep in mind. Thanks for putting it together. :O)