Blog of the Month; Rose's Daring Adventure

8:07 AM

In a time when so much of the world in negative, there is a need for things that will be a positive influence in our lives.  In a day when tearing others down is the norm, we need to be built up and help others do the same.

Written by my dear friend and fellow Meditations of His Love author, Rachelle (pronounced like Michelle), this blog is full of inspiring, encouraging, and thought-provoking posts.  Every post seems designed to lift you up and make your day better.  How much better can a blog get?

So this month I pick Rose's Daring Adventure to be my blog of the month.  What do you think the next blog should be?

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  1. Oh, Sarah, thank you sooo much. Tears are in my eyes and a smile on my lips. Just what I needed today.