Tips and Tricks for Iron ing Day

8:39 AM

Maintaining the clothes we have is a great way to save money.  If you take care of what you have, there is no need to get something new.  Here are some of the things my family has learned.

1.      Think about maintenance when buying clothes.  If you are going to spend a lot of money on something, make sure that it will last a long time.  If the clothing is going to need special care (dry cleaning, washed on its on etc.), take a moment and think about the cost of that before you buy it.

2.      Most items that you send off to the dry cleaners are just in need of freshening up.  Instead of paying for the service, hang the item of clothing up somewhere and let it air.  If needed, get some body spray.  Holding several inches away and spray the article of clothing. It now is ready for use again.

3.      If you have a particularly bad stain, get some dishwashing soap and a tooth brush.  Placing the stained item on a flat surface, put a little of the dishwashing soap onto the stained area and scrub it in.  Put a little bit of stain remover on and scrub that in as well.  This will probably remove the stain.

4.      Hang up anything that you don’t want wrinkled as soon as you take it out of the dryer or bring it in off the line.  This will save you a lot of ironing effort latter.

5.      If you are having troubling getting a wrinkle out of something that you are ironing, put a little water on it.  A spray bottle filled with water really helps in this effort.

6.      If things start coming out of the wash with a lot of lint on them, there is usually a blanket or something that is starting to fall apart.  Try to track down the item, but if you can’t, wipe down the washer with a damp towel until you can.

7.      Have designated work clothes so that you don’t stain a lot of things.

8.      If there is someone in your family that is hard on clothes, don’t spend a lot on their everyday clothes.

Do you have any great ideas for maintaining clothes?

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