Audiobook Saving

1:41 PM


I love audiobooks. If you give me a new audiobook and a project to work on, I will be happy for hours.
The one thing I always have trouble with is finding good audiobooks at good prices.
One site that is really good is Audible. You can download from thousands of audiobooks. Even many Christian authors are on there.  I even found a bunch of Adventures in Odyssey that we didn’t have.
You even get one free audiobook every month! Free is always good!
All you do is download some software and start downloading. Then sit back and enjoy!

Shopping Smart: 1. Unless you have an Audible supported decive (check website) you can’t play it anywhere except your computer. 2. Although some things might be advertised for less, wait until you become a member in order to get the real prices. 3. They often run introductory specials. These can be wonderful if you’re just getting started, but make sure to cancel your account before they charge you for another month.

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