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      It’s election time again. Because Sarah is busy with elections, I’m going to post on her blog for this week.
Well it’s almost that time of year. Christmas shopping time. You have in mind what you want to buy for those special people in your life, but you don’t want to break the bank.
Enter Amazon and Bookfinder.
These are two of my personal favorite websites to shop for things. They are both easy to navigate and get you the things you want at a super low rate.


This site is really good for pretty much anything. Just type in what you want and bingo. You get what you wanted for a low rate. We have found some amazing deals here on everything from books, to tv series, to books, to MP3 player covers, to music.
Shopping Smart: When you are on Amazon there are a few things to remember. 1.  Always check the seller rating. Anything below 95% is not good. But if the seller has an above 95% rating you can be reasonably sure that you will get what you’re buying. 2. Always check the comments. Many times the seller will post the pros and cons of the item they’re selling. It can help you make a good choice about where to buy. 3. Check the shipping price. Many times the seller will raise the shipping rate to make a bigger profit. Checking this before you check out is always a good idea.


If you are looking for a place to find book for really cheap, Bookfinder is the place to go. It’s a search engine basically. You put in the name of an author or the title of the book you want and presto.  You can get whatever book you want for the lowest price possible. We have found books on this site for four and five dollars (that included shipping!).
Shopping Smart: Although Bookfinder only searches sites that have good reputations, nothing is perfect. 1. Always check the website and make sure that they have a good customer rating. 2. If at first you don’t find what you want check back the next week. Many times sellers will post things at lower prices to sell faster. Just keep your eyes open. 3. This isn’t a great place for finding audiobooks. Check around to other places for your favorite audio.

Library and Educational Services

If you like getting brand-new books, audio, and other resources for a faction of the cost, than this is the site for you. You can get all kinds of educational resources for great prices. I like getting audiobooks from them, because they are affordable.
Shopping Smart: 1. There only two ways to order, online check and through the mail. It’s a little harder than using your plastic. 2. Although you do get brand-new stuff they don’t have as much of a selection. Make sure to check around and make sure that it’s the cheapest it can be.
Happy Shopping!
 By Rose H.

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  1. I hadn't heard of Bookfinder before. That's fabulous! I'll definitely be bookmarking it for future use.

  2. Thanks for posting Rose!!

    Also - Sarah - you won second place in my giveaway! Congrats!