The Struggle Against the Norm

9:52 AM

Good morning, how are you? I am doing well, there has just been a lot going on in my life that has prevented me from posting here every day.
This morning I got up earlier then I have a in a while (about 7:00) and started to write in my current book. So far I have written over 700 words and plan to add a few more to that today. I will also work on putting some things into my dad’s Etsy shop  and at Alibris where we are selling some of our old books (search for seller Legacy Books).

I have been thinking a lot lately about the hardest things to deal with in life. I know, I dwell and meditate on strange things; it comes with being an author I guess. Anyway, I have concluded that the hardest thing to cope with is often not a great trial, but everyday life.

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have been before God just pleading for help to get me through my average day. It’s not because there is anything awful going on, it’s that I have to deal with same issues over and over again.

I get tired of trying to be nice while one of my siblings makes sarcastic or even hurtful remarks. I get weary of the sink stopping up and having to wait to do dishes. I get frustrated that I don’t have people who call and ask me to come to their birthday parties, shopping trips, or just hang out for an hour. I am sick of fighting the clutter in my room and the rest of the house.

Have you ever felt like that? Just struggling to get through your ordinary day? You are not alone. There are a lot of us out there, more than even will admit it. So what do we do? How do we remedy a normal day? I don’t have all the answers but I do have a few ideas.

1. Change your plans for the day. Sometimes breaking up the routine is the best cure for what ails you. Spend one day sewing, scrapbooking, cooking, or whatever it is you love to do. Taking a day off from your everyday routine sometimes helps

2. Veg for the day. Every once in a while, I take a day and veg/do nothing. I spend my day watching movies, playing games, and reading books. Okay, so I don’t get a lot done, but I find that sometimes I need to do nothing and recharge.

3. Do something special just because. Set the table with the china, make a pretty center piece, play some party games just because. Sometimes, taking the time to plan something special will help you feel better.

Do you have any ideas?

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  1. Wow... this is so true. Be comforted in knowing that you aren't the only one who struggles with everyday life!