Writing Saturday; Finished

4:23 PM

Like every story that must come to an end, like every book that must have a last page, so projects must come to an end. Ending them can be hard, because we, the author,s always can see room for improvement. We are our harshest critics and, therefore, the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of a completed project.

The first book in the current trilogy has been in the editing/polishing stage for almost two years, and now I am ready call it done. I have enjoyed the book a lot and still see some areas I would like to improve on. However, I have decided that after another round of editing, I will call it complete.

Learning when it is time to finally say that a book is complete is not easy. In fact, for me, it has been one of the most difficult decisions as an author the set a time to end revisions. I’m not sure it I have it all right, but we shall see.

The next step for me is sending a printout of the book to some of my good friends to tell me what they think of my book and any last things that need to be changed. My goal is to have my book ready to sell via Lulu Publishing toward the end of this year.

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  1. It's soo hard for me to get to the end of my books! Oh my goodness! I need to be more motivated! You should ask my friend Mattie for tips and stuff....she's really good, and she even got her book 'Appaloosy' published. (it's a long chapter book) it's soo good!