Writing Saturday; 10 people who have been big in my writing life

9:25 AM

1. My Mom and Dad. I know that technically they are two people but they often act as one. Mom and Dad have always encouraged me in my writing, even when my attempts where poor. They listened to my ideas, helped me with my research, and gave me the tools I needed. Above all, they gave me the ability to write, a love of learning, and passion for good stories.

2. Grace Livingstone Hill. If you have never heard of her that’s okay, not many people have. She was a Christian romance writer in the early 1900’s. She started writing books when she was very young and continued to write until the day she died. In the end she wrote over one-hundred books and a few short stories. In each one of her books she presented the gospel clearly so that if a nonbeliever read her book, they would here the gospel.

3. C. S. Lewis. His books, the chronicles of Narnia, where the fist books I remember my Dad reading aloud to us. Although fantasy is not one or my favorite genres, these books began my love for adventures stories and have sparked my imagination many times.

4. The writers of all those youth and adult books I couldn’t read. They are what pushed me to write book on my own. Being an avid reader at eleven and reading at high school level pushed me into writing because I couldn’t find anything good to read.

5. My sister Rose. She listened to my early books and works with a lot of patience. Her encouragement is one of the reasons I am still writing.

6. Eliza A. This girl was the first person to read my book outside my family as well as the first one to edit it. It was a big step for me and Eliza made it worthwhile with her words of praise and helpful suggestions.

7. Whoever invented spell check. I owe you a debt of gratitude. If I didn’t have spell check, no one would ever look at anything I wrote. At least now I have a chance, they just have to get past my grammar mistakes and a few wrong words.

8. Maidens of Virtue and His Wonders, the first ones to publish my writings.

9. Jessica, a fellow blogger who has been a good friend as well as a helpful editor. Jessica, thank you. I still have the first email you sent to me and I treasure it. You have been a good friend during to me and a great writing buddy. Thanks.

10. The Queen of Red Ink a. k. a. Arianna. Your editing has been so helpful. Sometimes I get discouraged at all the red ink on my book but every time I make the revisions, I see how much better you have helped make it. Thank you.

11. (I was never good with math) To all the readers of this blog and the readers of my articles, you cannot imagine what you notes, comments, and just knowing that you are out there has meant to me. Thank you

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  1. Oh, oh, I'm on the list! Although I saw 'Arianna' and 'discouragement' in the same paragraph, so that could be a bad thing. LOL, kidding :)

    On a side note, I loved your list of people (not just 'cause I'm on it and I feel special). Spell check... what would we do without it? ;) And parents and critique/writing buddies are invaluable, of course.