Passover; a Picture of Christ

10:46 AM

Today, my family will celebrate Passover as we do every year. No we are not Jewish, and no we do not think we are still held to the law. We celebrate a Christian Passover because it is so full of pictures of Christ. For instants; one of the things that the Jews traditionally do as part of their Passover celebration is they take three pieces of Matzo (a yeast free bread) and put them together in a napkin and call it unity. They then take the middle piece and break it and hide it away. Does that sound like a picture of something?

Every year, I learn something and come away feeling blessed. I get a taste for what Jesus and his disciples were doing that last meal together. I get to see things the Jews have been doing hundreds of years and how they point to Christ. It is such a neat thing to be a part of.

I know this hasn’t been a very long or very good post but there is a lot that I need to get done. Have a wonderful Good Friday!

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