Writing Saturday; 10 Things every Writer must have and do

8:54 AM

1. Always have something to write on with you; you never know when you will get inspired.

2. Have good baby name book. This has always helped me when I need a name and can’t think of one.

3. Have some time to just observe people; this will help you make better characters.

4. Have some magazines around; they are always helpful to get ideas out of.

5. Have something in your room that reminds you of your current book. Whether that is a picture, a figurine or whatever, keeping your book in mind is important.

6. Have a good set of encyclopedias and/or access to the web 24/7 so that can always look things up.

7. Watch movies and/or look at books with lots of pictures to get ideas on how to describe things.

8. Don’t sit behind your computer or in front of your pen and ink all the time, this will stifle your creativity.

9. Have a love for museums and history; if you don’t already, then develop a love for it. There is so much writing material in museums and history to be had.

10. Have some good friends that are willing to smear the red ink all over your story (Hi Jessica, Eliza and Arianna!).

What are some things you like to have around?

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  1. Thanks for this, Sarah! When I write, I find that I just make it up as I go-and everything goes smoothly. :) I don't know if this works for everyone, but it works for me!!! :) Blessings & hugs.

  2. Great post, Sarah! I use pretty much every item on your list (or a variant form of some kind).

    And hi!!! I'm like the evil queen of The Red Pen. LOL.

  3. haha! Proud to be one of your editor friends, Sarah! lol!

    One thing I have done to help me visually with my book is to put up wallpapers on my computer. Right now I am writing a book set in medieval times. I have tons of castle wallpapers and such that I decorate my screen with. :) That way, I can feel more in the zone when I'm writing. :)

    I agree with having paper on hand. lol! ;) I always have a little notebook on hand to take notes in for my books.

  4. Love these writing tips! I've kept journals and inspiration books all my life- I love being creative and am constantly collecting magazine cutouts!