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Even though I've taken off December, there has been plenty to keep me busy. However, I'm going to back up a bit as I didn't post much in November.
In late September, our family started attending Hutto Bible Chruch. We had attended Grace Community Church for three months before that, but the distance was making it difficult to make relationships. Hutto Bible Church has been such a blessing to our family. This picture was one of our family attending the Thanksgiving Feast. It was the first family picture we had taken in months, due to work schedules and other craziness. I bet all of those who have read There Was Always Laughter in Our House can pick out who is Who

We attended Thanksgiving in Plano, Texas. I grew up going here every year, and I used to think that it was normal for people to have 60 - 100 people at their family Thanksgiving gatherings. It was an especially awesome time as some of my extended family has come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and producing fruit.

We took a trip over Christmas to Fredricksburg and then Johnson City afterward to see the lights. It was so pretty, and we had so much fun

One of the best things that happened to me this whole year to be able to hand the first copy of Laugher to the couple it was dedicated to. It was a powerful moment for me as a writer.

We got snow in the first couple days of December. Of course, I also got the flu which is why this isn't the best picture of me. We get snow only every few years in Texas, so it was a real treat.
Here is a picture of it coming down.

We celebrated Christmas a little early due to my brother having to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My family spoiled me this year. My Sister gave me some amazing Republic of Tea teas, my Mom gave me some books I have wanted as some cool organizers that you may have seen in my last post.  

We went to an amazing Christmas Eve Service, one that had a manger scene for you to take selfies in.

The New Year has been filled with friends, family, and some healing years. I will be honest, 2017 knocked me down hard and left me with some deep wounds, some of which I talked about in my last post of 2017. In fact, New Year's day ended in a fit of tears as my parents held me. I look forward to 2018 to as a year of healing, hope, and drawing closer to Jesus.

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  1. Y'all look so fashionable in that first picture! I hope your new year is going well.