A post in which Sarah is honest about adulting

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I've never liked the word adulting. I've never really appreciated most o the uses of the word. Most of the times I've heard it, it has been twenty-somethings winning. I don't like winning. I don't like it in myself or in other people. Sure, I do it sometimes, but if I hear myself doing it, I go a little crazy. I guess I never liked the word because I felt like the adult in some situations when I was in my teens. There is a shortage of people who know how to act like adults in the world. There were times in church, in the grocery store, at co-op, and such when my parents weren't around when I felt like I was the only grown-up in the room. There is probably nothing sadder than being fifteen and being with a group of forty-year-olds and feeling like you are the mature one in the room.

Perhaps the biggest issue I have with the word is not so much the word itself but what it implies. It often carries the connotation that the person saying it would rather not be an adult at the moment.

Which is how I felt this afternoon.

Most of the time, I like being an adult. I was excited to turn eighteen and finally have people treat me like the mature person that I felt I had been for years (okay, so people still mistake me for a teen, but you get the idea). I like it when people act like I can handle things. I like it when people know they can rely on me to be an adult. However, there are moments when I wish I could pass the adulting to my parents once again.

Like when I have to talk with insurance people.

This afternoon, I had to work out an insurance issue. Now, I'm with Medi-Share, and they are so easy to talk with. However, honestly, I dislike dealing with financial issues. I have an easier time of it then so many people I know, but I pretty much would rather avoid or pass off dealing with anything that has to do with money. However, that isn't how the world works.

To be completely honest, I also don't like confrontation. I never have. Yet, after a year of having to make several very difficult confrontations (most of which didn't go well), I like them even less. Even simple confrontation like disputing a bill with someone who wants to help and ends the phone call with prayer, leaves me feeling tired.

More about why I like being an adult on Thursday.

What task do you dread the most? What do you like most about being an adult?

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  1. I, too, hate the word adulting. I actually did a blogpost about it awhile back ;p it's called #adulting. Life is hard, sure. But it was hard as a kid, as a teen. Life is always hard. And just because I'm a young adult doesn't mean I have things worse... they are just different. And most of the time I enjoy the many adult benefits I get :D I don't want to be a teenager again :D

  2. I absolutely hate the term "adulting" and I'm not an adult yet. ;)