The Goodness of God

10:05 AM

As I sit here today, I still feel overwhelmed by the goodness of God. This week has been full of blessings both big and small.

We knew we were in for some cold weather this week. In fact, we had two days in a row when it didn't get above freezing, and there was ice all over the place. This is a rare thing for those of us in Texas. Monday was lovely, so three of my sisters and I took a walk down the country roads, talking and enjoying the warmth.

 Yeah, the next two days I wrote and hung out in front of the warm fire. Because that's what we do when it is cold and icy out. I also got an email. I had sent one to the director of a writers conference I was interested in attending. I sent the email in the fall of last year. I had been interested in going to represent Homeschooled Authors. I had given up on hearing back, but then I got the email...asking me to speak.

While I was excited about the opportunity, I knew that my financial state wouldn't let me think about going. Siblings offered to help pay, so did my parents, but I have trouble accepting help for things in general and especially for things that are not necessary. So I sent an email back about how honored and grateful I was, but that I wouldn't be coming.

God had other plans.

I was offered a job helping with an elderly lady three days a week. I will now have an income to help out with expenses. The woman also emailed me again, saying she really felt God wanted me to be part and offered some other ways that would help me come.

So I'm going to be going to Colorado in May!

Stay tuned here for more details! I'm hoping that some of you will be able to make it and we can hang out!

What good things has God been doing in your life this week?

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  1. Hearing about this brought joy to my heart, Sarah! :-) I know that God will use your words and actions for His glory at the Conference.

  2. In May???? Aw.............We're leaving Colorado in May...... *sobs* :(

    So excited for you!