Finding Books You'll Love

1:00 AM

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  1. That was great, Sarah!
    I do some of those same things. I also don't read fantasy, or si-f-, horror, thriller, or things like that. And I never have figured out what is so "cozy" about a murder mystery. :P
    Like you mentioned, checking the one star ratings is something that has helped me. If I see that someone mentioned bad language, or "adult content" I won't go any farther. There have been times when there really aren't any low reviews, so if it's not a free kindle, I'll get a sample of it and see what I think. Sadly, I've discovered that most of those weren't worth reading.
    I have a hard time stopping a book even if I don't like it. But there are a few things that will make me stop. If the story is putting images in my head that shouldn't be there, I'll quit. I just read one book and gave it a 1.5 star rating. The spiritual aspect was wonderful, but the rest was . . .
    If a lot of my friends are reading something, I like to wait a bit and see what they are saying before I give it a try. And if I can get a book out of the library, I'll often flip through it before deciding if I really want to read it.
    I really can't think of any other tips. Thanks for sharing.