Happy Birthday, Mom

1:00 AM

They say we share a brain.

We worry Dad when we talk incomplete sentaces and yet know what the other means.

You and I connected in a way that we often know how the other is feeling even if we are miles apart.

My siblings think we get together and reherse the same speech because we so often give the same advice.

We can look at each other and we see the unspoken thoughts.

We have different movie tastes.

We like the same 80's Christian music.

We share a love for Bible study.

We share a love for history.

You are a Proverbs 31 woman if I ever saw one.

You are the family prayer warrior.

You are the one that caused me to be addicted to stories.

You are my role model, mentor, and mother.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. This was so sweet! It sounds like you share the same relationship with your mom as I do with mine. :) What a special post. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Wishing your Mom a year of happiness and blessings. Enjoy your special day.

  3. I've been awed, in the best way, by the relationship you have with your mom, and the love y'all show each other.
    I count myself blessed that y'all have opened your lives to me and I've been able to witness this. This was so simple and yet a beautiful honor to an amazing woman and an abandoned, unashamed lover of Jesus.
    Happy birthday, Monica, with love, Scott

    1. We're very blessed to have our lives, Scott. Thanks for stopping by my blog.