Reckless words

1:00 AM

All of us have been on the receiving end of reckless words. Someone gets angry and shouts that we don't care. Someone is offended and calls us judgmental. Someone is hurt and they call you a name. Even when spoken out of the emotion of a moment, it still wounds deeply, which is probably why the Bible warn's us against reckless words.

I know that often I speak before I think, and then I regret what comes out. I have seen a sibling's countenance crumble under a criticism or a harsh word. I have seen the wounded look in friend's eyes when I said something thoughtless. It is never something I want to see. On the flip side, I have seen a sibling beam at a word of encouragement, a friend be moved by a loving truth, and seen the joy well thought out words can bring.

This verse is a powerful reminder that reckless words will cost us. We should be wise so that our words bring healing.

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