K is for Kate

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I am very excited today, because I will be introducing you to a character and a series that I have been working on for over a year. I plan to publish the first book this summer and the second one this fall, if God wills it.

“Are you keeping your grades up?”

“Yes Dad, I e-mailed you my last semester of grades, as well as my itinerary for Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I am still on track to graduate a year early.” There really wasn’t a lot of joy in the words. While she was glad she could go home for the holidays, she knew that she would be more than ready to start school by the time the holiday ended. Out her window, she saw a couple walking hand in hand in the snow smiling at each other. Her heart ached as she turned away.

“That is good. I have always said that you could do as well as your brothers if you put your mind to it. Have you already picked out a gift for your mother? You shouldn’t put that off until the last minute you know," said the man that bought Christmas gifts in July and then forgot where he had hid them. 

“No, sir,” Kate said in military fashion, "I wouldn’t…”


Kate was knocked to the floor as she heard the window shatter. All the lights went out and Kate lay for a moment gasping for breath. What had just happened? Had someone thrown a rock through the window? Had a transformer blown?

“Kate? What did you knock over this time?” Her father’s voice was full of amusement. “Sometimes I wonder how you do so well in the military when you are so klutzy out of it. I guess the army is in your blood.

Kate blinked in the darkness. She sat up, the clinking of broken glass met her as she shifted. and looked around. Screams and panicked voices called to each other outside her dorm. An orange glow came from the direction of the blown-out window.


“Dad, something has happened.” Kate’s voice squeaked as she hugged herself.

“What has happened?”

“I don’t know,” Kate whispered. She moved slowly toward the window, almost afraid to find out.


“I’ll call you back, Dad.” Kate hung up before there could be any further argument. She walked slowly toward the window, moving her tennis shoe back and forth on the floor to brush away the glass. Her eyes widened in horror as got closer to the window.  In front of her, one of the main lecture halls was burning. Something had happened, something very bad.


Kate’s ears hurt, and she could not believe her eyes as an explosion ripped through the administration building further away, just far enough not to knock her off her feet.

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  1. Oh I want to read more! And I would love to be an advanced reader :)

  2. How exciting! I'm always thrilled to hear about your next release, and this one already has me intrigued.

    I'm not sure if there was supposed to be a sign-up form in your post? If so, it didn't appear for me.... but....YES, please! Sign me up for the advance copy. :)

  3. I would love to get a advance reader copy in May!

  4. Sarah, where do I signup for an advance reader copy?

  5. Everyone, I am so sorry the link-up thing is not working. I tried adding it twice. If you will send me an email, I will add you to the list.

    1. Sarah, I don't think I have your email address....

  6. I would love to be an advanced reader! That excerpt sounds both scary and exciting--and having experienced both earthquakes and things blowing up and on fire, I'll be interested to see how you worked it. :) I'll send you an email.

  7. I would love to be an advance reader!!