L is for Logan

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Logan Sparks is a girl (that is right a girl) from my upcoming series, Kate’s Case Files. Today, I would like to share a little bit about her. You see, she isn’t what you would think. She is a girly girl with long red hair, can often be found wearing skirts, and loves her job as an FBI agent. Yes, she is full of surprises.

She can often be found with a bouncy ball in her hand. The harder she is thinking, the more animated her ball becomes. On her desk at work and in her home she has a large bowl filled with the little balls.
Ready to read a bit about her?

Kate's eyelids slid shut, and she forced them open again as they entered the elevator. It rose and deposited them on the third floor. It was only a short walk to room 303, and the door was already open. A girl with red hair that fell to her waist, in an ankle length skirt and button up shirt stood in the doorway, tossing a rubber ball between her hands.

“Thanks for doing this, Logan,” Brian said to the girl.

“God worked it out ahead of time. I got two twin beds, in case Kim got out today. Goodness, what have you two done to this poor girl, she looks dead on her feet.” Logan tossed Brian the ball and took Kate’s arm.

“She has had a rough day and needs sleep, I will fill you in in the morning,” Patrick provided.
Logan smiled, showing two rows of perfectly white teeth. “Go ahead and pick a bed, I can sleep in either.”

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  1. What music do you enjoy listening to while writing?

    1. It is according to what I am writing, sometimes I listen to classical and sometimes film soundtracks. I normally make up a playlist for each book and do a mix that fits the different moods of the story.

  2. What advice would you give to author wanna be's?

    1. Read a lot, write often, and make sure you are centered on God.