G is for Glenda

1:00 AM

"You will meet him tomorrow. We shall take a picnic lunch and spend the day with him in the hills.”
“Maggie should keep you both here to work; you don’t do nearly half as much as I do.”

Adventures and AdversitiesAlditha winced at Glenda’s sharp words. She turned to the girl, continuing to roll the dough between her hands. “Good morrow, Glenda. How do you fare?”

If anything, Glenda’s face became more pinched, and her scowl only deepened. “Your smile may beguile others, but I see right through it.”

“I… I only wished to see how you fared this morning.” Alditha’s brow creased, and her smile faded.
Glenda’s hands went to her hips. “I know exactly what you are doing. You are trying to get on Maggie’s good side so that you can do less work. For the past few days you have gotten the easiest tasks. Mark my words, it will not last long.”

Eleanor threw her bun against the table and moved toward Glenda, but Alditha held her back.

Taking a deep breath to let out her frustration, Alditha spoke: “I am truly sorry you feel that way. As soon as I finish here, I would be happy to help you with your work.”


Alditha placed her hand over Eleanor’s mouth before she could say more.

Glenda’s lips twisted into a sneer. “You think you are so much better than me, Alditha of Sittell, but you aren’t. I don’t need your help or your smiles. Use them on Maggie and get her to think you are so much better than you really are. Someday you will be sorry.” Giving Alditha a push, she made her way further into the kitchen.

Alditha turned back to her task at hand. She took out her frustration by squeezing hard a misshapen lump of dough.

“How could you be so nice to her?” Eleanor seethed. “She was horrible to you, and you didn’t say one mean thing to her. Why?”

“It wasn’t easy. Perhaps if I’m nice to her every day, she will grow less cold and angry.”

“Or she could grow more so and bitter.” Eleanor smashed the dough between the table and her clenched fist.

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