N is for Nathaniel

1:00 AM

“Young one, do not be quick to seek revenge. Those who seek revenge will fall into a pit of their own making. My mother taught me those words. You would do well to heed them.”

“It was my mother who said that and you know it,” Nathaniel contradicted, with a smile on his face.

John rolled his eyes, smiling at the same time. “My mother has always said the profound things.”

Nathaniel crossed his arms. “My mother was the profound one; your mother just uses all her good sayings.”

John clacked his tongue, tossing his arm across his shoulder. “Cousin, you have it backwards, as usual. Everyone here knows my mother is the wise one; ask any of the men.”

“John, only a handful of the men knew my mother. The only reason they will agree with you is you are the one holding a bow and arrow.”

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