Bible in Six Mouths Update 2

8:25 AM

Right now, I am very behind in my Bible reading mainly due to the crazy past couple of weeks. On Tuesday of last week, my granddad had surgery and we went up to be with him (I’ll talk about this more tomorrow). We got home late Wednesday and spent all of Thursday and Friday recovering so, I am sorry to say, My Bible reading suffered greatly.

To be honest, I am only in chapter twenty-seven of Deuteronomy and that is after a lot of reading yesterday. However, I am getting a lot out of what I have been reading. There are so many parallel between the Israelites and us today. There are so many things in Deuteronomy that God has been using in my own life. So many verses seem to be written for me, and what I am going through right now.

One of the things that I am really excited about is that I have the desire to read my Bible. Yesterday, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I read it several times throughout the day. I have a hunger and a need to be in God’s word that I have never had before, and to me that is precious.

What are you reading in your Bible right now?

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  1. Hello Sarah! In my Bible reading I'm in Exodus, where Moses had just wrote the Ten Commandments and brought them down from the mountain, and when he saw the people had made the golden calf. I use the Chronological Bible, and it takes me through the whole Bible in a year, with planned out passages. It's really helpful.