Paper Doll Fun

12:11 PM

My sister Rose and I had so much fun with paper dolls when we were younger. We would spend hours dressing and playing make believe with the ones our mom had. When we got a little older, we started a collection of our own to play with. We had quite a collection by the time we stopped playing with paper dolls, and it seemed a shame to just stuff them into a box for our kids.

We were going to give them to our younger sisters, but they weren’t as interested in paper dolls as we had been. They liked to play with horses, baby dolls and doll house more than paper dolls. So, what were we to do with our collection? The answer came in a decorating magazine our mom got.

A woman who collected paper dolls wanted to display them, not put them in a box. She used them as a wall border in a room in her house. That is what Rose and I did. We took all our paper dolls and they now line our walls. We really enjoy having them up. It adds a little fun to the room.

Do you have any fun decorating ideas? I would love to hear about them.

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