Writing Saturday; Writing Helps

7:57 AM

We all have times when we just don’t feel like writing. We all have times when we feel stuck, unable to go any further in our book and/or article. I have found a few things that help me get out of my rut and want to start writing.

Probably the biggest reason we feel stuck, is that we have no inspiration. We all hit times when we just run out of ideas and steam. Most of the time, for me, if I watch a really inspiring movie or read a really good book this helps me. I like the ones that leave you feeling pumped and ready at the end.

Another thing I do when I feel all out of ideas or when there seems to be no inspiration coming my way is that I take a break. I know a lot of people will tell you to just keep pushing on, and there are times for that, but there are also times for just taking a long break.

If you just need get a little jump start, try reading over some of your old writings, listening to music or going over what inspired you to write in the first place. These things help me to get me going when I just don’t feel like writing.

Another trick I have learned (I know that this is going to sound silly) is to just get out a clean sheet of paper or open a blank document on the computer and just start writing whatever is in your head. It may look and sound stupid; you may find yourself writing a bunch of nonsense, a line from a movie, what you think of a character from a book, but you will be writing, and sometimes that is all it takes to get you started.

What about you? What do you do when you find yourself stuck?

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