Bible in Six Months Update 3

7:34 AM

Okay, as much as I would like to say I am all caught up with my Bible reading, I can’t. I just finished Deuteronomy and started on Joshua. Oh well, some of us have to be the slow ones, don’t we?

Even though I am behind, I am getting a lot out of my Bible reading. Every time I open it, I am finding new and wonderful treasures in there. It’s funny, I never thought that I would find so much encouragement in this part of the Old Testament and yet every time I read, I am encouraged. Perhaps it is because, more and more, I see how much I am like the Israelites.

They complained because that didn’t have the food they wanted, even though God had given them all the food they could eat. They were always wishing they could go back to Egypt or to the Promised Land, even though, while they were in the desert, every one of them was near to the tabernacle and the pillar of cloud.

I, like the Israelites too often get so focused on what I don’t have that I can’t see what I do have and enjoy where I am. Like my mom often says; I need to remember where I am and be there, not always looking forward to some day in the future. I also need to remember that even though I may have less than a lot of my friends, I have so much more than most of the world.

What have you been reading in Bible lately?

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