Last Week

7:28 AM

On Tuesday of last week, my granddad had surgery. Although at first it appeared to have gone well, he soon was rushed back into surgery. We spent most of Tuesday in the car so that we could be with him and his wife. We spent all of Wednesday in a waiting room to support my grandmother since my granddad was having a hard time with some of the medications.

We got back home late Wednesday night and spent all of Thursday and Friday recovering from the trip. I know that that sounds funny, but it had been a hard trip in many ways. My granddad is doing better, but please keep him in your prayers.

Today, I am going to be taking some training for early voting. My mom and I will once again be working the elections which will be fun and tiring all at the same time. For those of my readers who happen to live in Texas, remember that the last two weeks in February, you can vote anywhere in your county during early voting.

That is about all for now. Have a wonderful day!

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