Show and Talk; episode 4

7:55 AM

The cast;
Mary Beth is twenty years old, shy, sweet and cares deeply for those in need. She is the second child of five siblings and her greatest pleasure is being with her family.

Anna Joy, is a fifteen-year-old girl who is just trying to survive high school. She is part of a very growing family (number eight was born recently) and is close to her older sister but wishes she had time to have friends outside the family.

Maria Rose is 18 and has just finished school. She has a passion for writing, and also is very lonely and feels left out at times. She is close to her family, especially her 17 year old sister.

“Mary Beth! Could you please come play with me?” Mary Beth’s little brother calls from outside her room.

“I can’t I have to go to work,” Maria Beth says as she finishes dressing. She grabs her purse and keys and runs out the door, whishing she could play with her little brother instead of going to work.

Later that day…

“Mary Beth! Could you come play with us,” her little brother asked.

“Sorry I just can’t right now, I have to do my homework.

“Then later?”

“Nope, I have to the lead my group of kids at church this evening in their Bible memory verses, and by the time I get home it will be bed time.

“Anna Joy, would you play with us?” One of younger siblings said coming into her room without knocking. Anna Joy rolled her eyes. Why did the kids always come to her? Why couldn’t they go to Mom or play with another sibling closer to their own age.

“Go away, can’t you see I'm busy,” Anna Joy said, not even looking up from the book she was reading.

“Anna Joy!” It was her mother calling.

“Yes, mother?”

“Please come and keep an eye on the little kids, I have to run an errand.” Anna Joy got out of her chair. Why was she always stuck with the little kids? Why did she have to always be taking care of them?

Maria Rose is feeling totally overwhelmed about being the oldest sometimes. Along with that birth order position comes a lot of responsibility. All the kids look up to you to see how they should act. If you do something wrong, that could cause them to something wrong. Oh dear, what if she made a mistake and all the kids followed her? She would feel so guilty.

So what do you think the point of today’s story is? We will talk about it more tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Sarah,
    Really good story. I think that the point is one, as you stated, that little kids look up to you (especially in a large family) and you need to take the responsibility of being a good example seriously; and two, take time to spend time with those you love. Don't take that for granted or get annoyed by them wanting your attention. Enjoy those moments and take a deep breath and ask God to help your attitude and just love them.

    I hope that makes sense. Anyways, good job on the story again. TTYL