Pictures of doll dresses

8:24 PM

I made some doll dresses to sell on my Etsy account. I thought that you guys might enjoy looking at the pictures of them. It you go here you will find the pictures of the spring flower dress I made. Click here to see my Easter white dress.

I love to make doll clothes, but I no longer have sisters who really play with dolls, so I am hoping that I can sell them. It was so fun to make these dresses and the cute accessories to go with them. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Do you have an Etsy store or a home-based business?

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  1. I love the purple Spring dress! Very cute ;) Well, I don't have a home-based business, but I'm hoping to start an Etsy store for my beaded jewelry in a few months. We'll see how it goes!

  2. Hi Sarah! Those doll dresses are so beautiful! Great job! I love the little jacket on the spring one, so cute! =:) I don't have "little" sister's anymore either. I was just thinking the other day that I should make a knit doll sweater and hat for a little friend of mine in church. =:)