The Passover

9:35 AM

This coming Friday is our Passover celebration! We are all busy cleaning the house and getting ready for the big celebration. So what exactly is Passover? If you will remember, right before the exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, they were told to take a lamb and kill it. They were to put the blood on their door posts so that the angel of death would pass over them, and they were to eat the lamb along with bitter herbs and unleavened bread (no yeast).

Today, all good Jews still celebrate Passover, but they fail to see the most important reason for the feast. My family celebrates this feast because there are so many pictures of Christ. Probably the most obvious is that Christ is our Passover lamb, who shed His blood so that we could live in heaven with him, and not die in our sins.

Maybe I will talk more about Passover tomorrow. He is risen!

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  1. Hi Sarah! I need you mailing address and name so I can mail your pay it forward gift to you that you won when I get it all finished. Thanks! Whenever you get it to me, no real hurry! =:)


  2. Are you reformed jews, or jews?
    It's just a question. :)
    The pasover is neat, except for dipping.. what is it, parsley? in salt water. :)