Writing Saturday: Getting help

10:14 AM

We all have had areas that we have trouble with in our writing. My problem areas are grammar, spelling, and giving to little description of the characters surroundings. I have a hard time catching these issues on my own because I read my story how I thought I wrote it, not how a actually did, and I see the places and costumes in my head and I am afraid I will bore my reader with too many descriptions.

So what do you do when you face these kinds of issues? You do what I did; I asked some other people to read what I wrote and help me to work out the issues. It helps if you get someone who is outside your family and someone who can be very honest. It really doesn’t help you for someone to just tell that they liked the book; you need to get someone who can help you identify the problems.

Before you ask someone to look over your book, make sure that you are ready to take criticism. Some of us have a hard time hearing that what we wrote has faults and if so, we either need to change that attitude or not ask someone for their help.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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  1. I think that is a very good idea Sarah! I know that even with the little bit of writing I do for the blog, I miss things all the time. Then Jessica will read it and find I did things like...spelled "the" "teh" instead! Lol! It is always good to bounce your story off on someone else and get some feedback. I have assisted Jessica on all of her writing and it really helps her I think! =;)


  2. I agree. However, I think we also need to make sure that we don't take someones criticism so much to heart that we spend the whole time trying to figure out what is wrong with what we have written.

    I did that for a while and ended up losing sight of what I was trying to accomplish and losing all of the spontaneity in what I was writing because I was always trying to make it... correct.

    Great post Sarah!