I am Really back This Time

8:57 AM

I finely got my new modem!!!!! I hope that I will be able to blog every day for a long time.

How have all of you been? I have been doing well, other than the fact that I haven’t gotten to blog for a while. One big thing did happen in my life while I couldn’t blog. I won third place in a writing contest! I was so excited (see Jessica, I can spell it correctly : ) and I wanted to tell you all but my modem was broken so I couldn’t.

Do I have any new readers that have never left a comment before? Please leave one and if you have a blog I will seriously consider becoming a follower and putting you on my blog list.

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  1. Hi Sarah! I am so glad your back! That is great that you won third place! Wow! That is just excellent! What did you write? A story? Did you get a ribbon or a special prize? =:)

    I wanted to let you know that you can download a pdf file at the link below that I made up for the maidens' daybook. Copy and paste the link into your web browser and then download and save the file to your computer. Then when you do the daybook entry each week, you just copy and paste the questions onto your post! it is soooo much easier than typing it all in every week! =;)

    Blessing and it's great to have you back! =:)


  2. Hey Congratulations on coming in third place! What was the writing contest and did you win anything? Was their an age limit? What did you write about? Was it more like a short story contest? If so, would you (pretty please!) share it with us on your blog?!

    Love ya!

  3. Hey, that's great that you won a writing contest! Congrats for being brave enough to try ;) It takes courage to put your work out there for other people to see...and judge. What kind of writing contest was it? Poetry, short story? Anyway, that's great that you won! God bless,

  4. Congratulations on placing in your contest! May I ask what contest it was?