Writing Saturday: Writing from your Heart

9:43 AM

One of the things that is very important for writers, is that they write from their heart about this you love and care about. I used to write basically remakes of stories that I liked but that is not want people want to read. People want to read something new, something that is full of your own unique thoughts and ideas.

I was watching Little Women last night and was thinking about when Joe starts to write the stories that everyone likes but they are not what she wants or even likes to write. We need to make sure that all of our writing lives up to our highest standards and that it encourage our readers to higher and better things.

Let’s write on issues that are close to our hearts and tell our stories that are new and unique, and, above all, write for the glory of God.

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  1. I'll see if I can come up with something. Just to let you know... You can feature things from my blog if you want!


    P.S. How are you feeling today? Any better?

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Sarah! Writing about things we know about and love or at least have an interest in, are very important. Every time I start writing my novel, I pray, "Lord, please keep my words pure and help me to give all the glory to you." It helps me to remember that God's the one who gave me the gift of writing in the first place, and I need to write for Him and not myself. Good post! ;)