The Beautiful Mundane

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This month has been... a normal challenge. Right now, I see all the ups and downs, but I know in a few years, if you ask me what I did in February of this year, I may or may not be able to tell you. It has had it's ups and it's downs. I'd like to share some of it with you.

I have found that menu planning and grocery shopping are among my favorite household tasks. I know, I'm weird. But I adore planning and it's my happy place when I make good meals that we both like and are good for our budget. And I'm grateful for this super cute menu board that hangs on my fridge.

I finally got to unbox my books this month. I pulled out a few to read right away. These were two of them. I don't usually struggle with anxiety, but I'm dealing with some health challenges that have had me battling both. Reading helps me both escape as well as be more focused. I find that if my thoughts are spinning out of control, I do better distracting my brain with a story for a bit and then I can focus my prayers better and deal with the issue head-on. 

I started this month by diving deep into working on writing the 9th Kate book. I've also started on rewrites/edits for book 8. My hope is to finish the series this year.

Scott was reading the first chapters and thought it was good

Scott and I have started the habit of him reading aloud most evenings while I work on a project. It has been so good for both of us. It really helps me to get less screen time.

On the 6th, we celebrated three years of being a couple. We took a trip up to Tyler State Park. It was beautiful and the whole day was so peaceful. We enjoyed hiking, eating Mexican food, and exploring a new place

My dear friend Kelsey drove all the way down to see me!

We have been friends for years. We used to meet once a month for lunch and to talk. Now we are married and live too far apart to make this happen. Yet, I have been so blessed for the effort she has made to see me when we can. We still read a classic each month together and are making some bookish plots for the future. All I will say on the subject for now is there are some older authors we want to bring to the attention of others.

Oh, and getting my bookshelves was kinda the highlight of this month. I not only got shelves, I got amazing ones.
Never did I think I would have such amazing shelves.

How have you been?

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