Welcome to my Book Shelves

2:31 PM


We moved into our current house in July of 2023. Not long after, my brother-in-law (one of my husband's brothers) started building me the bookshelves of my dreams.

They were recently finished and I'm excited to show them to you today. In fact, I'm thinking of posting regularly about the contents of my bookshelves, because I love showing off my books so much. Besides, what is better than getting to peruse the bookshelves of fellow book lovers in person or virtually?

My fiction books

my non-fiction

another look at my fiction

A very happy Sarah, whose books have been in boxes for months

Another view of all my shelves

Would you be interested in a series that was about everything that was on my shelves?

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  1. Oh, Sarah, those are wonderful shelves! I'd love to see what's on them!

  2. They look amazing!! :D How wonderful to have such great shelves and get your books out of boxes again. A closer look at them would be so fun!

  3. Those books shelves are definitely a dream. I have three nice big ones that my husband built me, but we live in a tiny apartment, so we definitely still have books in boxes.

  4. Wow!!! What wonderful shelves of so many books!!!! Your brother-in-law is very talented! I would be interested in seeing what's on your shelves. :)
    God bless,

  5. I'm so happy to see your bookshelves finished and arranged! I'd love a virtual tour of all the books you have on your bookshelves.

  6. Oh wow, those shelves are just AMAZING! My sister would just die of happiness to see that.