Why are we never looking at the camera? (And other life events in January)

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January has been a month that was more full than I expected. I had been hoping for a lot of cold writing days. Instead, we had almost spring-like weather and a lot of days where I was out and about with family. What a blessing. 

We celebrated the New Year with my family. I didn't get any pictures with them, as I was too busy celebrating, but they sent me home with challah bread, and Scott and I ate it and apples dipped in honey. It's a Jewish tradition that my family enjoys, even though we aren't Jewish. 

My youngest sister and I got to hike together early in the month. It wasn't a long one but she is on a quest to spend more time outdoors and I'm trying to get back into the daily habit of walking so taking a hike together was awesome.

Mom and I had our monthly Mexican food date. We had such a good time.

Okay, one of my favorite memories this month was going to the San Antonio zoo with Scott. We both went a lot when we were kids and hadn't visited in years. We had a blast!

Look at this beautiful sea creature that was hanging out on the glass?

They have hippos! I think this is my first time seeing a hippo in person.

The African exhibit was a favorite as a child and still is pretty amazing.

When I was a kid, on every zoo trip involved getting a group picture with the lions. Scott and I can't break with tradition now, can we?

We stopped by the aqueducts after the zoo. It is such a peaceful place (and historically petty cool) 

We ended our adventure at the Alamo cafe. I've been going to this place since I was tiny. It serves the same amazing food. If you are ever in San Antonio, you need to try it. 

Scott and I have done a few hikes, pretty much all at McKinney Falls State Park just down the road from where we live

One of the things I love is to set out my great-grandmother's china for a normal evening meal. I love the blue and white set and I love making everyday meals special. 

Oh yes, this is me, writing. While I haven't accomplished as much as I wanted to this month, I have made solid progress. I'm getting close to finishing the editing of Kate's Hope and made a good start on writing the next Kate book. 

I'm grateful for a husband who still makes taking me on dates a priority. We went out to dinner and enjoyed one of our favorite Mexican food places near our apartment. 

One of the things that I find funny is that when my husband and I take selfies, we are really looking at the camera. I'm not sure why not, but maybe sometime we will figure it out. Anyone else have this issue?

How has your January been?

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  1. I remember the apples dipped in honey thing from living in Israel. Our neighbors and the couple we rented from the second year brought us a plate I think for New Year's (or some other holiday, I can't remember). It is actually a very refreshing way to eat apples.

  2. Woohooooo for new Kate books🥳🥳 amd your china set is gorgeous! So special that it came from your great-grandmother!

  3. Wow, the zoo looks amazing! Will have to check it out if I ever visit Texas!