Where did my blog go?

12:17 PM

It was right here a moment ago. My enthusiasm for starting the new year and diving back into blogging was here, but then suddenly it was gone. Where did it go? I had such passion – so many good ideas. I didn't understand where they went...

...until I stopped to think about it.

I got online and I saw what was being shared by authors and friends that had likes and comments:

  • Praising a girl’s article about all the things her parents taught her that were wrong.
  • Warnings about a damaging teaching.
  • A short video mocking people who don’t like to read.
  • A funny video with a fake argument defending a genre.
  • A list of things people shouldn’t say to someone going through a certain struggle.

All of these things have some value. None of them are wrong in of themselves. But do you notice what I do? It’s all coming from a defensive and negative point. Yet, I get it. If you share something from a positive and happy point of view, you don’t get as much of a response. This is even true with book reviews. I rarely get a comment on a book I give five stars to, but usually get a few when I post a negative review.

So why did realizing this trend discourage me to the point I wasn’t blogging? I know that not participating in some trends sometimes means fewer people see my work. Like it or not, what is trending does affect what people are looking for. I looked at what I wanted to do and was good at doing and I see there isn’t as much of a market for it even from when I started.

  • I’m not good at making videos. I’ve tried.
  • I feel there is far too much tearing down out there. We need to spend a lot more time encouraging and building up.
  • I’m not a trend setter or even the best at what I do.

When realized what had been holding me back from blogging, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and I had so many ideas for blog posts and fun. So there is more coming to this more. And once again, I’m reminded that I have a lot of learning to do. I’m grateful that God is such a patient teacher.


Did you enjoy this post? It reminded me of this one I wrote in 2017.

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  1. So true, Sarah! I enjoy happy, uplifting, encouraging, fun, blog posts myself. :)
    And sometimes discovering the "why" behind something can be so freeing! I'm looking forward to your blog posts.

  2. Please keep posting! I love your posts and your books even more! I'm anxiously awaiting the next Kate books...as in plural 🙈😇

    1. Well, the good news is the next one should be out this spring. :)

  3. Yes, I really liked this post! Thank you for this, Sarah. I hate being on camera, and I just don't like getting into unnecessary debates online; I'd rather have a safe space for positive, fun, and even thoughtful content. I really hope to see more of your posts! :)

    1. Thank you! I hope the upcoming blog posts are a blessing.