The Mystery Continues: Five Fall Favorites

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I love mysteries, but I'll be honest and say I haven't read an awful lot of them. Most of them seem to be about murder and dark. But I've found a few that I've really enjoyed over the years. Today, I get to share a few of my favorites. 

One of my earliest introductions to mysteries in fiction was the O'Malley series. This is a very intense series, both the mystery aspect and the emotional one. Each book not only has a mystery/suspense element to it, but also presents each of the O'Malley siblings and their personal journey to saving faith in Jesus. Dee Henderson did a great job not only writing brilliant stories, but showed that different people struggle with matters of faith differently.

I stumbled across the Wilkester Mysteries Series and quickly found a new series to adore. I loved that the main character was a smart, capable, Christian woman who didn't whine about life being different than she had always hoped. While topically, this is perhaps a pretty normal mystery series (who murdered who and why), the characters are unique and really awesome. As a professor of English Katrina talked about books throughout the story. Through this book, I found some old books that were new to me that have since then become new favorites.
My Review of Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3

How would I describe The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott Series? I would say that if we had a fun, clean mystery show that was written for people in their teens, this might be the result. It isn't a hard-hitting mystery/crime novel type. These novellas are just a fun way to relax and enjoy some fun mystery that is clean. If you have ever watched the 80's show, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, I would say it is a similar feeling, except cleaner.
Expect fun, laughter, with a big dose of spy stuff. 

My Mom has collected quite a few of the cozy mysteries by Guideposts, but Family Patterns by Kristin Eckhardt has been among the best I've read. The story revolves around Sarah Hart restoring a quilt and trying to figure out a family mystery that has been around for many years. It might not sound super exciting, but I was on the edge of my seat for the whole book, just because the writing was so compelling. 

This book was somewhat like a Sherlock Holmes style mystery, but with a lot on the line. Jasper not only needs to solve the mystery of who is sabotaging the candy factory, but also give a compelling reason for his boss to continue living. It isn't always easy to read about someone who is thinking about ending their life, but I loved how Schamel didn't give an easy answer to the question, but one with so much hope.

I'm not the only one doing Five Fall Favorites!
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  1. Ooo, this is a great list, Sarah!! The O’Malley series sound sooo good and so do the Wilkester Mysteries… and Family Patterns… and… okay, I’m a mystery nut and they all sound good lol.


  2. I wonder how many times the Emily Abbott series will be recommended this Five Fall Favorites. :D You all are making me want to go read the whole series again. I haven't read any of the other books on your list.

  3. Yay for Emily Abbot! And I heard about the O'Malleys.... i do need to get those...

  4. The Wilkester Mysteries Series is on my to be read list, I've read the O'Malley's several times, and Emily Abbott series is a big household favorite with at least 3 reads each by myself and 3 of my siblings. I also enjoyed Solve by Christmas.

  5. Oh, I have the first Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott on my kindle. Now I'll definitely have to read it! All of these look so good; I love mysteries. Thanks for the recs, Sarah!

  6. Wow, I love these recs! Added the first Wilkester one on Goodreads since it looks very up my alley!

    1. I think you will really like it. I think it's on Kindle Unlimited so if you ever get that, you can read it there.