Five Books That Make Me Me: Five Fall Favorites

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This is me and my husband Scott.

Welcome to Five Fall Favorites! For those who might not know me, I plan to use this post to introduce myself as well as the five books that, in our hostess Kate's words, make me me. I love this idea because it lets me show you the book equivalent to a personal playlist. These are the books that have molded and shaped me over the years. Are you ready to dive in?

From my earliest memories, I've been part of a loving Christian family that placed God first in everything. Did we make mistakes? Oh yeah! But I'm so grateful to have godly parents, siblings, and to be married to a man of godly character. I have to say the number one book that makes me me is the Bible. I've tried to read it daily since I was very young and I try to build my life around Jesus and the truth of His word. In fact, you can often find me in the morning digging into scripture, and when my husband gets off work we read a chapter or two. Currently, I'm using my Maranatha NIV Worship Bible. I love the old NIV and the songs in the margins that help me to worship.

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Here is my family when we were all super little. Aren't we so cute!!

When I was young, I loved to read. But about the time I was ten, I found a series that had an impact on my faith and my outlook on life. It was a series that continues to inspire my writing, especially for young people. It also helped continue my love for history. The Sarah's Journey series became an instant favorite of mine. Sarah doesn't always have the best attitude about things, but she learns and grows. Wanda Luttrell showed through the story how Sarah's bad attitudes hurt her and how God changed her over time. Besides, the series was full of historical adventure.

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One might think I would have a hard time picking a favorite fiction book, but I don't. Christy by Catherine Marshall is hands down my favorite. I read it first when I was fifteen. Some might think that was a bit young to read such a book. Perhaps for some it would have been. God used it in a profound way at that point in my life. It isn't an easy book to read, but it challenged me to make sure my faith was my own, not borrowed from my parents and to seek to reach out to the messy people I met.

We all battle with our thoughts from time to time. God was so good and brought this gem of a book into my life during a time I was battling some depression and anxiety. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure that I would be able to apply this book. It felt too hard, but I decided to try. It took time, but I found victory and now have the biblical tools to help me take my thoughts captive. This book continues to impact my life and challenge me to keep loving God with all my mind. It's the book I find myself recommending most often to my friends.

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Me and my two youngest sisters in Colorado

Of all the memories from my teen years, among my favorites are sitting in the middle of the woods, my sisters all sitting around working, while Rose or I read this book aloud together. We also listened to it in audiobook form many times. This book is more than a classic. It is a book about sisters and finding your place in the world. It continues to inspire me.

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  1. I remember reading the first couple Stony Creek books, but there weren't more than 2-3 published then and it was so long ago that I don't remember much except that I enjoyed them. Maybe I should find them again for another read.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing what books have impacted your life. :)

  2. I hadn't heard of a Bible that includes songs in the margins - that sounds like a great combination and resource!

  3. I love your recommendations, and the pictures sprinkled throughout were so sweet! Thanks for joining! <3

  4. I love your post, Sarah! Super fun to read your FFF lists again :) I was happy to see your spotlight Little Women <3 also, I need to reread Christy. I read it years ago but I think I’d like it more now. Also, Sarah’s Journey and Loving God With All Your Mind look so good! I’ve already added them to my TBR :)

  5. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing these books. I remember reading Christy in highschool and loving it!

  6. If I didn't already own Emmaline I'd jump at the chance to grab a copy, thanks so much for sharing, Sarah!
    --Abigail Kay Harris

  7. Narnia has been one of my favorites for years!!!

  8. Nice hearing from you Sarah. Very nice choice of favorite Fall books.

  9. I love Little Women as well! 😍 thanks for sharing, I love getting the recommendations from FFF!