Birthday Party!

7:33 AM

10 years! I've been writing on this blog for ten years. I started this in 2008 on my birthday. I was a new 18-year-old who was lonely but had big ideas. This blog celebrated with me when I published my first book and when I finished my trilogy. I shared about my struggle with depression, and how God showed me that my darkest moment could also be my finest hour. I could go on about all the things I've been through with this blog but...I've got a party to get to today.

I'm so blessed by the ten years I've had here, and I look forward to the next ten years...with a couple of changes. Yes, I've been stressed out lately about the lack of posts. It's one of the many things that I've been stressed about in my life. In fact, I had a meltdown Sunday afternoon. Mom hugged me, talked to me, and said some things would need to change. One of them, I decided, will be this blog.

Before you panic (thank you, one person, who panicked), I do plan to keep blogging. However, I plan to do more video posts once a week instead of even trying for daily posts. Sometimes, I act like I have the same workload I did when I was eighteen when my life has become much more active. Here are a some of the other changes I'll be making.

  • Taking it easy for the month of July
  • Refocusing on Jesus and his priorities, not my own accomplishments (or lack of them).
  • Spending more time interacting with people. My computer is nice but...not that nice.
  • Cutting out projects and tasks that are getting in the way of highest callings and goals

As this, my twenty-eighth birthday approached, I have to admit it was hard to face. It is normal around the thirty-year mark to really examine your life and wonder what you have done and what you have left to do. My problem? I got caught in looking for the normal markers of success that the world tells us to look for. I'm not a huge, money-making author. I'm not married. I don't have my 2.3 children (can I make that my 6.3?). On the surface, I haven't achieved much in my life.

The real picture? I've impacted people's lives with my stories - my main goal from the very beginning. I've successfully held to my principles in relation to guys when the world has bombarded me with messages and ideas on how to snag myself what my flesh desires. I don't have any children. Not the two that the worlds says I should have, not the six or so that I desire someday. Yet, I've had the freedom to love on some kids that God has brought into my life. I might not have been able to do that if I had my own. God has helped me to become the sister and daughter that I wanted to be, and so much more. 

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  1. AAAH! :D Happy birthday and happy blogoversary!! <3 WOW, ten years! :O That's so awesome! I hope you have a wonderful day, a blessed coming year, and a relaxing July. Do take that break! I totally know how important that is, especially when--yes--we have much more on our plates than when we were 18! ;) (I was one of the people panicking. But I so understand! XD Breaks are important!) I'll be here to read (and/or watch) when you have time. :) Let God hold your worth, because you have so much more of it than the "world" would say and He measures it and we see it--you've done so much, honestly, and I see that in your books and in your life and the good you spread. Thank you for being you! I pray you have a blessed birthday, friend! <3 *HUGS*

  2. Just keep on doing what God wants of you . . . that's all that matters. Not man's words. Not money. Not marriage. Life is amazing each day no matter what, as long as we learn to content in where He has us and push ourselves where He wants us. So love this post and want to heap tons of encouragement on you to keep serving! Who cares about frivolous standards when you could have something greater? Happy birthday!

  3. <3 Happy Birthday to you, and also this blog :) I've enjoyed reading it, and will continue to do so! But totally understand the need to, in essence, take a breath at times.
    Lovely post, Sarah, and it meant a lot to me.

  4. Happy (late) birthday and blogoversary!! :D