The Destiny

8:43 AM

God has a destiny for each and every one of us. Some of us he calls us to be leaders and world changers like, Brother Andrew, Jim Elliot, Ronald Reagan and Billy Graham. Others he calls to be the quite home makers that work day after day performing the same everyday tasks that keep this world moving, like most of us.

I will probably never be a world leader nor will I shock the entire Christian community by my amazing insights but that doesn’t mean I can’t make an impact. My destiny is to build the church using my God given abilities and reach out to the lost that God brings in my life. This may not sound exciting but it really is. You see, I have to figure out how God wants me to use my abilities and interests to fit into his plan.

Now for a little bit about me. My Name Is Sarah H. and I am 18 years old (as of today) and I love my life. I live on five wooded acres in the middle of nowhere (as my dad likes to put it) where are closes neighbors are cows (as my mother likes to say) and I love it. I live with my to parents and four sisters and one brother and we all love each other and get along for the most part (sadly we all have sin natures that sometimes we give into cause us to act wrongly). I go to a small wonderful Bible church and love it, but that is enough about me right now.

The name of this blog stems from the title of a book trilogy that I am currently writing. Writing is one of the gifts that God has given me that I am working to use for His glory. I also enjoy playing piano, reading and politics. This blog will be a chronicle of how God shapes my destiny and what He teaches me. I invite you to join me in my journey and hope you will be encouraged by what you read.

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