Worst Moment or Finest Hour part 2

10:12 AM

A few days ago I did a post on one of my favorite parts of the chronicles of Narnia series from the horse and his boy (click here to read that post), and today I would like to share some more thoughts about it.

As many of you who have read my blog know, my family has been called on a journey that has lead us away from the more traditional ways of doing church and has called us to start a home church. Right now though, we are in a time of uncertainty, a time of waiting, a time that often feels like being in that Mountain pass with Shasta. The excitement that I first felt when we started this journey has waned, all the thankfulness I felt that I had for the fact my family is on this journey together has been over-shadowed by the fact that we seem to be all alone, we feel like we have done all we can do so all we can do now is wait.

I have been like Shasta; instead on keeping my eyes on the goal, I often wallow in self-pity and start complaining. I start thinking things like: if we are going to live without friends, why do we also have to struggle with money? If we are going to be called to live radically for God, at least that should have been balanced with a nice house. Oh yes, I am good at complaining, and I am sorry to say that I catch myself far too often thinking that God hasn’t been “fair” to me and my family.

After reading this part in The Horse and His boy, I was reminded about how much I really do have. If God and I were to have a similar conversation, I would imagine that it would go something like this:

Sarah: God we live in a mobile home that is so much smaller than most people’s homes.

God: I know. Remember the X family? Your family was the only one in the church that could really minister to them because they were poor and felt out of place and looked down upon by the people with huge houses. I needed you in that mobile home for a reason; that is why I put you there.

Sarah: God we don’t have a lot of money. I am really getting tired of having to watch every penny. You own the cattle on a thousand hills; can’t you give us a little more?

God: I could, but look at the character I am building in you and in your siblings. You have learned to trust me; you have seen and know that I can provide; you can be truly grateful for even the small blessings that I send your way and so much more.

Sarah: God I am so lonely, I just want one or two girls who will make the time to be my friend.

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  1. I could feel sorry for you, but you are right, and I understand! ;) I know JUST how you feel! We too used to live in a mobile home, and apartments, not having a house for half of my life. Right now, we can't afford to go or do anything. We couldn't go grocery shopping last week for things because my dad needed to wait until he got his paycheck that week. It's hard, I know it is. I struggle too. But "I have learned that whatever state I am in, therewith to be content." :) And also, "My God shall supply All your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." :) Hold on to those kinds of promises Sarah. :) I have found that just when I feel I can't take any more, that God gives me the strength and then He will provide for my needs, emotionally and physically. :)

    God does build strong character in the hard times. It's tiring, but it is for our good in the end. :)

    I have this quote I made up the other day, and I am loving it! "Through trial and tribulation, your Faith is made Strong." :D It's so encouraging to me! It doesn't always seem fair to be different, and it's often lonely, but I prayed for God to give me godly Christian friends and I waited for years for that, now I have them! :) Keep trusting in Him! :) He doesn't just abandon us! He will take care of you and help you! Just ask Him! ;)


  2. Great post! I can understand! I have the same struggles, trials, and unfortunately am a great wallower and complainer at times! I think that we all have those times/days!

    I will pray for you guys! I understand.

    His Servant,

  3. What an amazing post! So well written! God puts things in our lives for a reason, he has the ultiate plan for us.

    I always wondered why we had uniforms at the private school I go to, people stare, people make fun of us and more, but truthfully while wearing them we don't have to worry about wearing the wrong clothes or if our oufit is stylish enough and stangly enough it helps us accidemitcally. (oviously not in the spelling portion, but, other than that)I know thats the worst example ever, but its true and has even had us grow in humility!