Adventure Between the Pages: House of Mercy

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This book was emotion, heartbreaking, breathtaking, and encouraging. It reminded me of Christy or one of Tracy Higly’s books in that it dealt with very tough issues in such a way that didn’t glorify them, sugar-coat them, or feel crass. I was blessed by the powerful faith messages that were woven through the story by a master writer.

Bethan was my favorite character in the story. Her faith is strong yet she has some very real struggles when she is taken from her home. One of the things I loved…I had no idea who she was going to get with. She took interest in one guy, but then found out he already loved and girl and so on. It was so true to life that I loved it.

Deoradhan was a complex character and was well written. I was pulled along by his story and struggle. My heart pounded at times, I wanted to cry out in rage, or sob with sorry. He had so much emotion behind his character it truly pulled me in.

The setting was so amazing. Set in Arthur’s England, I was pulled into the place and didn’t want to leave. It felt so real. Ruggieri did an amazing job for capturing the land, structures, people, and atmosphere of the time.

This book deals with some very hard topics. Several side characters are very immoral people. One scene takes place at a druid festival and the tone is very dark. However, sin is show for what it is; sin. While a couple characters enjoy the momentary pleasures, the consequences for such actions are clearly shown.

I highly recommend this if you like grittier fiction, historical fiction, and vivid characters.

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