The Holman Writing Adventure continues… without a schedule.

1:00 AM

The Holman Writing adventure continues… without a schedule. Most of you probably read my post about tearing up my schedule. It has been a challenge as well as a blessing for me. While I feel like I am making time for the important things, progress on some of my stories is going much slower. Dreams and Devotion has taken very little of my time the last two weeks. People and events seem to be conspiring against this story… which is oddly appropriate for the story.

I thrive on my schedules, so to be without one feels odd. Yet, I am not roaming around the house without purpose. I still spend most of the day behind my laptop, working away, but sometimes, things more important than my work go on. Such as:

I spent some time getting Homeschooled Authors in order.
I chatted online with some friends going through a rough time.
I finally dusted my shelves.
I have worked in the garden some.
I have been able to be more available to my family.
I have been less stressed.

I admit, it is a little hard sometimes because I know that things are not going according to my hoped for timetable. I also want to be spending more time on my writing. Yet, I know that I am exactly were God wants me to be. There is nowhere I would rather be.

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