T is for Thomas Jefferson

1:00 AM

Nope, this isn’t about the president, it is about the character in my upcoming book series Kate’s Case Files. Can you tell that I am a little excited? Here is a little sample for the day.
“Patrick, there you are.”

Patrick peered over the brim of his Styrofoam coffee cup at Thomas.

Thomas turned to a mirror that had been placed in the police station break room. “We need you to play the good cop to Kate Mayfield.”

Patrick set his coffee down on the table. “I thought you said you had this handled.”

Thomas adjusted his felt cap before turning to Patrick. “I do, and my way of handling it is to put you in as the good cop.” He motioned for Patrick to follow him.

Patrick reluctantly got up from the table, tossing his coffee cup and the reminder of its contents into the nearby trash can. He stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets and matched Thomas’s stride.  “So what is going on?”

“She figured out from the questioning that we were after more than just what she might have seen that night.  If you ask me, the cop really blew it.”

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