W is for Waltz

9:33 AM


I swung around at my father’s voice. He stood atop the sand dunes, waving to me. I hoped he was not coming to take me home.

“Father! Come and join me. This water is lovely!” The seawater swirled about my ankles, and the sand squished between my toes. I didn’t want to leave.

My father threw back his head. I could hear his laugh even though he was far away.

“I thought you might rather persuade another to join you!” He yelled.

“Who? Cynthia perhaps?” Even the name of my dear friend, who was a servant on the neighboring estate, brought a smile to my face. Being a rather odd girl, I didn’t have many friends. Cynthia was my senior by a full ten years. She had taken me under her wing when my mother had died shortly after my birth. Cynthia was a good friend and understood the deep attachment I had to my father. She, however, did not understand my love for the ocean. She feared the waves almost as much as I loved them.

“I was thinking you might prefer Alex’s company this day.” I could almost see my father’s eyes dancing.

“He is here?” I lifted my skirts and ran as fast as I could in the sand.

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  1. I loved this short story soo much!!
    Cinderella is one of my favourite fairy tales, as is Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast has become a favourite since writing a retelling. :)

    1. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites too (and I am working on a short story retelling)

  2. My favorite is probably Beauty and the Beast.