Top Ten Books on 2012

12:07 PM

10. To Birmingham Castle 
 A wonderful historical tale. If you like G. A. Henty, you will love this book

Laughed so hard while reading this book. Great for the whole family.

8. The River
Very powerful. A wonderful example of letting your story speak for its self.

7. Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words
This book is one I wouldn't mind rereading soon. If you know me, I normally don't want to reread a book for at least three years.

6. Red Rain
I loved this story. It is so hard to find good, Christian Sci-Fi. I can't wait to read her next book.

5. The Messenger
This was a story that made me go out and buy more books by this author. Not only was it a great adventure, it honored the deeply held beliefs of others.

4. The Misunderstood God
Wow! This book was amazing. It made me rethink many of the things I have thought about God. Not a perfect book, but a good one.

3. The Abolitionist 
Elisabeth Allen does it again! She pulled me into a story and left me changed. God is being truly glorified by her work.

2. Beyond Waiting
I don't think there is a better book out there for single young girls

This was the best book I read this year. It's message is one that I wish I could share with everyone I know.

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  1. Wonderful collection of reads, Sarah! This is so fun! I added some of those to my reading list. :)

    Love you!

  2. I have Red Rain on my to read list! These look like some really great books!

  3. Lovely! Thanks for sharing you top favorite reads. I'm going to do this soon on my blog. "To Birmingham Castle" and "The River" really caught my eye. I'd like to see if I could read these myself!