Something Greater

4:53 PM

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” C. S. Lewis

Today, we watched all three Narnia movies in a row.  When we got to the end, the tears came to my eyes.  I NEVER cry at movies, yet I was stirred deeply.  As Reepicheep is allowed to go into Alslan's country and Prince/King Caspian is compelled to stay behind, I saw a parallel with our life.

Last year, I went the the funeral of a young man who was loved by his family.  One of his sisters asked me; "Why we had to live on Earth?  Why can't we just go to Heaven?"  Like C. S. Lewis said we know we are made for another world.  But why are some allowed to enter heaven, while others have to stay behind?

At the end of The Dawn Treader, I think we see the answer, at least for why some of us are left behind; we still have work to do.  We may not have kingdoms to run  like Caspian, but we do have many people watching us.  God has placed us here for a time to shine his light to a hurting a broken world, one that is searching for something  better.

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  1. wow, though that is head knowledge and the biblical explanation for is..still dificult. I sure wish God would appear in his form..or that of a human now..or as a lion or you bunches sarah.

  2. Finally someone posts about Narnia :D I love all three movies and all of the books, I totally agree with you.
    Have you heard C.S. Lewis Song by Brooke Fraser...its a good song, and has that quote in it.